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Small Business Saturday offers deals today, tomorrow at home

dodano: 28 listopada 2015 przez redblog

 Shop Small Saturday is the anti-Black Friday. No fistfights over pleather boots. No walking two miles from parking lot to mall. No big box stores filled with the same merchandise as every other big box store. It is dedicated to your friends and neighbors who own their own local businesses and put their proceeds right back into the local economy. For every $100 you spend at a locally...


15 stores with the best and worst return policies

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 The holiday shopping season is in full swing. As you're buying holiday gifts and checking off your shopping list, you should also keep in mind retailers' return policies. There's a good chance that something from your holiday shopping trips will get returned, since two-thirds (68.6 percent) of consumers indicated last year that they returned gifts most or some of the time, according...


'Legend' movie review

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 It’s difficult to say anything was disappointing about the terrific “Mad Max: Fury Road,” but there was a slight twinge when it became apparent that, even though the great Tom Hardy plays the title role, it wasn’t really his movie. You can’t make the same complaint about “Legend,” Brian Helgeland’s film about real-life twin mobsters...


How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend, Wife, Mistress, Or

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 There comes a point in every hetero relationship when a man considers treating his lady to some expensive undergarments. It might be your way of celebrating her physical form while making it clear just how much you lust after her. It could just be a random surprise gift to show your affection on one of your relationship’s more drowsy days. And while giving a woman lingerie can...


Wishing does not make it so, but Make-A-Wish does

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 Since her daughter Kendal had to spend her seventh birthday in the hospital awaiting heart surgery, Kristin Rambousek said the family wanted to make her eighth birthday in May extra special. Shannon Zimmerman helped make that happen, Rambousek said. Zimmerman set up a trip to Disney World for the family through Make-A-Wish Iowa. "I never thought we would get it in a million...


Top tips when shopping for plus-size bridal gowns

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 Plus-size bridal gowns generally start at size 16 (American sizing) and can go up to size 40. Bridal gowns are also usually two sizes more than your everyday size—for example, if you usually wear a size 14, you may wear a size 16 bridal gown. Many more bridal designers now have plus sizes in their collections—some of the more well-known ones are Maggie Sottero,...


Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a hard-boiled feminist neo-noir

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 Marvel’s Jessica Jones announces its noir intentions from the get-go. From the slinky music and impressionistic animation of the opening credits, there’s no doubt what kind of series this is going to be, and the (naturally) hard-boiled narration of series star Krysten Ritter sets the stage for the dark, sardonic world she occupies. Thankfully, the narration can best be...


Proenza Schouler's Fall Sample Sale

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 When we stopped by the preview for today's Proenza Schouler sample sale, we did what everyone else did and went straight for the bags. By our estimate, upon arrival, roughly half of the sale's shoppers (or more!) were concentrated here, and that's because there was a large selection of flagship styles — including PS1s and PS11s —and that the limit of four handbags and...


How To Do Four Thanksgiving Dinners In One Day How To Atten

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 The worst has happened. You’ve overcommitted yourself to family and friends, and you now find yourself in the uncomfortable position of figuring out how to attend multiple Thanksgiving dinners in one day. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, you may be entering the panic zone as you wonder how the heck you are going to eat all that food. The truth is, this seemingly...


'Return To Amish' Cast

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 "Return to Amish" cast member Kate Stoltz has proven to the world that she is a strong person. She was kicked out of a very strict Amish community and is now gracing the covers of magazines. Stoltz had been living a simple life in the religious sect that she was raised in. At the age of 9, she was already making her own dresses. This may have opened her eyes to fashion....


I Dressed Like Me for a Week

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 I've drawn a lot of inspiration from a certain type of article: stories about dressing like an icon — usually a woman, although occasionally a small boy child or a decade — for a week. There was Jazmine Hughes's fantastic take on how dressing like Cookie Lyon put her imposter syndrome into stark contrast, Samantha Sutton's invaluable guide to dressing like Tay Swift while...


Empire Recap: Mama’s Gun

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 We get a lot of history about Lucious' childhood trauma in this episode. Lucious has taken on such a villainous role that the show may be trying to redeem him by explaining what made him this way. Lucious is so unlikable that he's past the point of no return in my eyes, but his tale is tragic. At least Cookie seems happier and more fun than she's been in a while, and Jamal appears to...


Mirror, Mirror: Kit & Ace's latest store wants

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 According to Kit & Ace founders Shannon and J.J. Wilson, I'm the poster woman for the full-contact lifestyle. I'm up about 6:30ish for a run or to take a class at Focus Barre. Then it's off to work for eight to 10 hours. Evenings are filled with work-related soirees that involve cocktails and photo shoots in front of step-and-repeats more likely to make their way to social media...


'Marwencol' Is a Powerful Story About Art

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 “When I walked into town there was nobody there and one by one, beautiful Barbie-looking women started emerging,” says Mark Hogancamp. He’s remembering his first visit to Marwencol. “I was the only man in town, and 27 Barbies.” He’s describing a Belgian village in a dream he had, a dream that he went on to construct in miniature, complete with...


Eva Armisén: Ready, Steady, Go

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 "When the mind is pure," says an axiom attributed to Buddha, "joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." Painter Eva Armisén talks a lot about joy and the centrality of pure love to her painting practice, and she really seems to mean it. Her style is defined by a sophisticated cartoonishness, a bright but nuanced palette, and a folk-art, almost Outsider flair...

 What a moving, emotionally intelligent and refreshingly old-fashioned movie this is. The narrative may be perfectly situated in the early 50s, but the style of film-making harks back further still, to a time when “women’s pictures” were the backbone of popular cinema. Contemporary audiences raised on overblown spectacle and overwrought romance may have to recalibrate...

 It seems like many women are going under the knife to enlarge their backsides these days. R&B singer, and former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, K. Michelle is doing just the opposite. Recently she discussed how she is ready to remove her overly large butt implants so that people will see her differently and begin to take her more seriously in business. According to EUR, the...


Christian troupe spreads cheer by clowning around

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 Marge Harbold, of Whitney Point, does God’s work by clowning around. She’s the founder and head clown of the Christian Clown Troupe of Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Endwell. She and eight other church members dress as clowns for children’s festivals, parades, and visits to hospitals, nursing homes and hospice, where they spread cheer and pass out gifts during...


Let's Imagine The First Episode

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 A living room in Tokyo. In the center sits a red sectional couch, the same one from "How I Met Your Mother." In fact, the room is the same one as in "How I Met Your Mother." It’s the only living room in Hollywood. A heap of clothes obscures all but a few telltale patches of red couch. The chaos echoes through the apartment. It is of a genteel...

 Last month, Aliceana Belling marched past the rows of pink princess dresses at her local Wal-Mart and headed straight to the superhero outfits. She mulled the options for Halloween. Iron Man? Spider-Man? The Hulk? Then she saw the Captain America suit, shiny shield and all. “I can fly in the air outside!” Aliceana, 3, said from her home in Fond du Lac, Wis., where she...


Cufflinks aren't just for guys says Marla Brefka Heller

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 Marla Brefka Heller has been an investment banker for Deutsche Bank on three continents. Although the world of finance can be a serious place she allows her quirky sense of humour to shine through when it comes to her personal style. How has architecture influenced the way you dress? Deeply. My father was an industrial designer and while we were growing up he drew attention to...