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AAU’s Duffty, 2015 trends and more

dodano: 30 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Senior Director of Fashion Merchandising at the Academy of Art University School of Fashion Keanan Duffty announced his departure from the school after 3½ years. The U.K.-born Duffty is stepping down to move back to New York City, where he plans to devote more time to his own work as a fashion designer. “I will remember my time at the Academy of Art as one of the most...


VMUG Boston leader talks up user conferences

dodano: 29 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 As the VMUG leader of the Boston chapter over the past three-plus years, Steve Athanas has grown the organization to be one of the largest chapters in the country. It is not uncommon for some of its conferences to attract 600 VMware-focused IT professionals -- not bad in this day and age where most such professionals prefer gaining technical knowledge and interacting with each other...


Why Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

dodano: 28 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 2015 was a banner year for television, both on the box and online. Ever since Netflix used an algorithm to calculate what people wanted to watch and gave them House Of Cards, the streaming giant and competitors like Amazon Prime have been producing often brilliant original content - and they have left the traditional TV networks flailing in their wake. Sometimes, they don't even need...


Hafner was Beech’s game-changer

dodano: 26 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Ian Hafner had plenty of chances to catch the football this season. Aside from being Beech High’s leading receiver, he also collected seven interceptions for the Buccaneers, who finished 8-4 after a 42-7 loss at Hillsboro in the second round of the Class 5A playoffs. The Buccaneer senior was second on the team in tackles with 60 total stops (50 solo) from his safety position....


Various forms of Islam revealed in Turkey

dodano: 25 grudnia 2015 przez Konto usunięte

 I spent time in Istanbul, walking through its parks blooming with roses the size of oranges. I toured the Hagia Sophia, a marble and stone mosaic wonder that was a church, then a mosque, before it became the third-most visited museum in the world. I took my first balloon ride over the stone formations of Goreme in Cappadocia, prayed at the House of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus and...

 Will the real Kim Kardashian please stand up? The reality star has a twin on Instagram, and her name is Kamilla Osman. She’s been making fans wonder if Kim Kardashian-West has a secret Instagram account. There are plenty of young girls on Instagram who try to make themselves look like Kim Kardashian and her famous sisters. They style themselves, they learn their angles, and...


LuLaRoe by Kelly, Piper and Bailey

dodano: 22 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 A mother and two-daughter team, three consultants for the company LuLaRoe, a national clothing brand, are giving women in Las Cruces a new way to shop the latest fashions and styles. Kelly Gurney, 57, mother of Piper Gibson, 36, and Bailey Williams, 31, became consultants for LuLaRoe in early November, after discovering the brand and falling in love with the clothes. They officially...


Valley ‘Star Wars’ costume groups have fun for charity

dodano: 21 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 “Stars Wars” fans searched their feelings and used The Force for good Saturday afternoon in Modesto. The Central California Garrison of the 501st Legion and other area costuming organizations capped off a three-day frenzy of premiere-related appearances with a charity event. The groups came out in force at Brenden Theatres for a benefit to help the Children’s Crisis...


We Tried Shopping For Outfits That Cost

dodano: 18 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Here's my situation: I love having new stuff for my wardrobe (who doesn’t?!) but I feel like I never have time to shop. When I do shop, my goal is to be as efficient as possible. What this usually means is that I grab items by the armful for about 10 minutes, bring everything up to the register, and experience severe sticker shock. That's why for hasty people like me,...


In Sisters, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler create an awkward

dodano: 17 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Most of the laugh lines in the new Tina Fey-Amy Poehler comedy Sisters don't seem particularly funny on the page. It isn't inherently hilarious when Poehler, playing a nurse, tells a man with a music-box ballerina wedged up his ass that it's unfortunately going to take a while for the device to wind down, because it's "Swiss-made." Or when Fey leers at a gardening neighbor...


Syrian rebels in the historic city of Homs are leaving behin

dodano: 16 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 His shop is one of the few open for business in Homs' ancient quarter, once this provincial capital's vibrant heart, now a ghost town of crumbled buildings and desolate storefronts pockmarked by shrapnel and bullets. "I was a well-to-do merchant, it's true," says Mohammed Ali Nouh, 36, a hulking man with an easy smile and no trace of rancor in his voice. "But some...


One-issue rants in one bipartisan griping party

dodano: 15 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 If Ebenezer Scrooge had worn whiskers, they would have looked like Jimmy McMillan’s: The snow-white mustaches, curling skyward like fuzzy smoke to merge with frosty sideburns, resemble the upraised arms of the Ghost of Christmas Past: a fitting emblem for McMillan’s political career. McMillan even dresses like Scrooge. For that reason and many more, he gained a lot of...


Traditional Fare

dodano: 14 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Every family has its own Christmas traditions for dinner. Some of us have turkey, others have ham, roast lamb or beef Wellington. At my house this year, it’s going to be beef tenderloin. Different countries have their own way of celebrating with food. I love some of these traditions and have enjoyed making a few. While Christmas Eve in Sweden is full of feasting and gift...


How To Pack For Winter Break Efficiently & Effortlessly

dodano: 12 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Say it with me now: Hallelujah. Break is almost in session for most college students, and it's about time, right? But between studying for final exams, saying goodbye to your crew, and tying up loose ends, it's hard to think much about what to pack for winter break. But it has to be done, of course, and you already know that it's totally worth it. Winter break is mercifully long for...


How Lindsey Thornburg Thrives in Fashion With a Single Silho

dodano: 11 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 When Lindsey Thornburg created her first piece in 2006, she wasn't trying to start a fashion movement — she was just cold. Growing up in Montana and Colorado meant that staying warm without looking like a puffy marshmallow was a constant challenge. Coupled with her lifelong love for clothing and design, that led Thornburg to devise the ultimate solution: Cloaks, made from...


State readies rehab plan for the NGT

dodano: 9 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 The Himachal government has finalised the relief and rehabilitation (R and R) plan, aimed at rehabilitating those hit by the ban by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on all commercial activities between Manali and Rohtang. The Department of Environment in consultation with Kullu district administration has finalized the R and R plan which is likely to be submitted before the NGT with...


Talking About Self-Image, Careers and Gender Roles

dodano: 8 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Does a woman's successful career affect her relationship? What are some self-image issues for women who are over 35? How do we raise our boys to be men who respect women's boundaries? Interesting questions, right? Well, I joined a group of American women in Oslo to discuss these and much more as part of the BBC's 100 Women Season, which was an annual series focused on sharing more...


Miss R.I. USA is dressed for success

dodano: 7 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 I basically have no days off for the rest of the year, says Theresa Agonia with a laugh. She's not exaggerating. The 24-year-old Cumberland resident is balancing working full-time as a deputy chief of staff for Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza with her duties as Miss Rhode Island USA 2016. The latter role includes appearances at charity and social events, as well as preparing for the...


Christmas Tree Fantasy kicks off in Blackfoot

dodano: 4 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Bing Crosby may have dreamed of a white Christmas, but Anne Hall Fry doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with throwing a little red, green, pink or black into the season — especially when the colors are displayed on where-did-she-get-that vintage dresses and coats. Fry, owner of Annie Halls’ Vintage Boutique in Pocatello, organized a fashion show as part of...


Vera Koo: Why You Must Shine Through

dodano: 3 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 My husband, Carlos, likes to tell a rendition of an old Chinese fable about a conniving fox who takes the form of a beautiful woman. The woman marries a poor man, and it is a mystery as to how the man could get such a beautiful wife. The neighbors do not realize she is a fox, because she hides her tail under her dresses. Even so, friends and neighbors suspect something is afoul, and...


Vanderpump Rules Recap: Sabotage!

dodano: 2 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 Last night on Vanderpump Rules everyone conspired together to sabotage James Kennedy‘s budding relationship with Lala Kent. Poor Lala – she was the unintended mature person caught in a cesspool of stupidity. How much can you actually save by refinancing? Things start with Kristen Doute and James officially splitting. He cheated, she possibly cheated because her phone went...


'I Want to See It Before It Changes' Is

dodano: 1 grudnia 2015 przez redblog

 In May, I found myself riding atop a very short horse, my feet nearly dragging along the vibrant red, mud path, in the spectacular scenery of Viñales, Cuba. I was with my boyfriend (riding an even shorter horse) and our guide (a farmer we had stumbled upon minutes earlier) headed towards a tobacco house, when a man from a neighboring farm approached. He wore a typical, wide-brimmed...