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‘Fat’ Barbie Could Be Our New Cultural Muse

dodano: 30 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 I loved my Barbies though I never asked for them. My mother would line them up on the headboard of my princess bed. I still recall their chewed-up feet dangling over my eyes as I tried to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I saw were her many blue eyes, her white smiles. Her impossible clothes that likely prompted my deep love of dresses, which I could not indulge...


Superintendent defends principal

dodano: 28 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 Edmonson County Schools Superintendent Patrick Waddell said Tuesday his high school principal has been “unfairly criticized” for his handling of a dress code situation this month. Edmonson County High School Principal Tommy Hodges used a ruler to measure a young woman’s dress length by having her kneel on the floor in the presence of her parents. The student was not...


This New Dress Brand Was Strategically Created for the Selfi

dodano: 27 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 If Cheryl's story about mysterious cosmetics brand ColourPop got you thinking about social media-focused brands and their origin stories (or lack thereof), consider this new contemporary ready-to-wear label set to hit retailers like Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Saks and Shopbop this spring. Likely was conceived not by a designer-entrepreneur but by Crystal Slattery, the president of...


Why I regret telling my son to marry a rich girl

dodano: 24 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 "Dad, I think you'll be happy to know that I'm dating a rich girl for a change…" Ever since childhood, and especially when my son started to excel at sports, I made it a point to be his biggest fan. "You're such a good catch: handsome, athletic, working," I'd tell him, and then jokingly add: "You should aim high and find yourself a rich girl from a...


What Life Was Like in the 1950s

dodano: 23 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 I knew this day would come. Someone would ask what life was like back in the Dark Ages of my childhood, before there was air, dirt, and water, and what I think of these fast times. Whippersnappers. As if we 50s peeps should all be gone by now, and if we were miraculously re-animated, we'd walk around marveling at the jet packs on people, and everyone's telekinetic abilities, brought...


What Life Was Like in the 1950s

dodano: 23 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 I knew this day would come. Someone would ask what life was like back in the Dark Ages of my childhood, before there was air, dirt, and water, and what I think of these fast times. Whippersnappers. As if we 50s peeps should all be gone by now, and if we were miraculously re-animated, we'd walk around marveling at the jet packs on people, and everyone's telekinetic abilities, brought...


The Reclaiming of Native American Fashion

dodano: 22 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 We are smack dab in the middle of a Native fashion renaissance," proclaims Karen Kramer, the Peabody Essex Museum's curator of Native American art and culture. "Native fashion increasingly permeates everyday life — across the internet, in stores, skate parks, runways, pretty much everywhere you go. Native Americans have always used clothing and personal adornment as...

 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is the best show you might not be watching. After all, the title makes it sound trite and overwrought, when the reality is it’s an emotional look at divorce and dating. One of the best aspects of the show is the costuming. While many television series make each character look like they somehow share a closet, Girlfriends’ costume...


Why I’m Going To Be A Bridezilla And DGAF What You Think

dodano: 21 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 I spent most of my childhood obsessed with weddings. Before I moved to America, my only exposure to dresses and brides was what I could watch on Russian TV or read about in books. My family never thought much of big weddings before immigrating to America. Instead of getting dolled up for church, the bride and groom just headed to the local Town Hall to make it legal. Then, it was...


Gwen Stefani on Her DIY Fashion Days

dodano: 20 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 “I’m like a kid in a candy store with glasses!” That’s Gwen Stefani on the development and resulting styles of the eyewear range of both L.A.M.B. and her nicely priced apparel and accessories line, GX by Gwen Stefani. The frames (both optical and sunglasses) are as bold as you would expect—and have the IRL Stefani stamp of approval: “I got a pair of...


42 How Brownie Wise and Tupperware empowered women in the

dodano: 19 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 In 1948, Earl Tupper introduced a new brand of airtight containers called Tupperware that allowed for food to be preserved and stored for longer periods of time. No one really cared. The revolutionary plastic containers with the patented “burping” seal sat on store shelves, and the company based in Leominster, Massachusetts saw little growth. A woman named Brownie Wise...


Women’s Shop Coming to Market Square

dodano: 18 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 A women’s shop catering to mothers between 30 and 50 will entice customers by catering to the children as well when it opens on Market Square in March. Evereve, a Minnesota-based chain of 58 stores across the country offering contemporary casual apparel, will open March 30 in Lake Forest in the space former occupied by EJ Mirage, according to Mike Tamte, the company’s...


Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci Dish Wedding Details

dodano: 15 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 There's going to be an overdose of adorable at Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci's wedding! Before the engaged actors say, "I do" later this fall, the precious Mavi Amell -- daughter of Robbie's cousin, Arrow star Stephen Amell -- will be walking down the aisle as a flower girl, ET exclusively reveals. "She's just the most perfect little human," Ricci spilled of the...


Stella McCartney's Pre-Fall Collection

dodano: 14 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 It would be easy for Stella McCartney's pre-fall 2016 collection to get lost in the special sauce that was her Hollywood show in Amoeba Music on Tuesday, as a bevy of A-listers stepped out to celebrate the designer and her latest fashion range. But there was no way to miss the models, who were raised on platforms in tableaus at various locations around the mega records store as they...


After Magazine Street building fire

dodano: 13 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 The firefighters, 63 in total, were gone. There was no smoke. No flames. All that remained Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 12) on this small patch of Magazine Street was a lingering odor of what could have been a campfire, and the piles of charred lumber and ash directing passersby to the smell's true origin. "I've got to talk to the insurance guy, the banker (and) my brothers,"...


A Fashion Designer Built Her Own Runway to Success

dodano: 12 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 When you think about fashion cities, Milan, Paris, and New York come to mind—but Birmingham, Alabama? Not so much. Heidi Elnora is determined to change that through her eponymous bridal gown design company. After college, the fashionista was on an exciting path to a fashion career that included moving to Atlanta to work at Carter’s, a children’s clothing brand, and...


Lombard entrepreneurs start custom-made jeans company

dodano: 11 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 Leona Liu of Lombard was a student at Elmhurst College when she participated in a study-abroad program in China in 2009. Learning more about the language while in the land of her heritage was an amazing journey. She also had the opportunity to see just how much people bought custom-fitted clothing. Dresses, suits and other wardrobe essentials were often custom measured and made...


DeSean Jackson’s New Brotherhood

dodano: 9 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 Among NFL receivers who have entered the league since 2008, DeSean Jackson ranks fifth with 442 receptions. The No. 3 man on that list, Pierre Garçon, dresses three stalls down from him in Washington’s locker room. Directly to Garçon’s right is Jordan Reed, a hulking tight end who is having a breakout season along with Kirk Cousins, the quarterback and NFC Offensive...

 "Uman is like a genie that emerged suddenly for us to marvel," gallerist Annatina Miescher of 137AC told The Huffington Post. After all I'd heard of the New York-based self-taught artist, this statement seemed to fit the mythical understanding of Uman I'd been busy piecing together. Uman's multidisciplinary artwork -- paintings and masks and collages and blankets and more...


Bollywood’s Fearless, Fashionable

dodano: 6 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 Though her name may not be as well known in America as Jennifer Lawrence’s or Scarlett Johansson’s, Deepika Padukone is among the most powerful actresses on the planet. As one of Bollywood’s highest-paid women, Padukone, who turns 30 today, has had a decade-spanning career in film that has seen her starring opposite legends like Amitabh Bachchan and breaking...


The 12 Stages of Bachelor Addiction

dodano: 5 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 Jen Mollen Biggs is an actress and writer who broadcast her Bachelor enthusiasm on Twitter before getting tapped as co-host (alongside Chris Harrison) of the Bachelor in Paradise after-show. I never start out interested in the current Bachelor. With a face full of zit medication, I judge the latest handsome-Dan with an air of superiority. I feign ambivalence when my husband abruptly...


What if we’d skipped the party? The mystery of fate

dodano: 4 stycznia 2016 przez redblog

 Every person has a story. And traditional stories usually answer spoken or unspoken repeated questions that pull the tale along a track. And then what happened? What happened then? I also see another, shadowy path of what-ifs following beside the main track: What if another decision had been made, another choice taken? What then? My father died suddenly at 57, leaving my mother a...