Women’s Shop Coming to Market Square

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 A women’s shop catering to mothers between 30 and 50 will entice customers by catering to the children as well when it opens on Market Square in March.

Evereve, a Minnesota-based chain of 58 stores across the country offering contemporary casual apparel, will open March 30 in Lake Forest in the space former occupied by EJ Mirage, according to Mike Tamte, the company’s chairman and co-founder.

While the store is not exclusively for mothers, Tamte said the merchandise mix is tailored to women in a particular age range—from 30 to 50.

“It should be a look for them, not their mother or their child,” Tamte said.

Tamte said the company has been eyeing a Lake Forest location for 10 years and the city’s central business district suits Evereve’s criteria for the ideal site.

“It fits our vibe very well,” Tamte said. “We do well on a downtown streetscape like Market Square.”

Many of the clothes offered by Evereve cannot be found elsewhere but Tamte said the company’s primary focus is service for both the women who shop in its stores and their children.

Evereve will open a store March 30 on Market Square in Lake Forest. Photo courtesy of Evereve. picture: QueenieAustralia bridesmaid dresses

“We have toys in the dressing rooms and train our stylists to recognize the children,” Tamte said. “The mom wants to leave our store before the children do. If the child is happy the mom is happy.”

When Tamte’s wife, Megan Tamte, started the business with him in 2004 in Edina, Minn., she wanted a place catering to mothers like her who were “juggling a million different things,” she wrote on Evereve website.

“I wanted to create a clothing store that makes shopping easy, helpful and fun—where kids, girlfriends and husbands are welcome,” Megan Tamte wrote on the website.

While customers will find brand names in the store, Mike Tamte said approximately half of the “contemporary, chic and designer” goods will be exclusive private label merchandise not found elsewhere.

“Our buyers work with our vendors and their designers to create (exclusive) private label for us,” Mike Tamte said.

Most of tops, pants, denim, dresses, skirts, accessories and shoes are priced less than $200 and many are under $100, according to the company website.

“We can style a customer from head to toe,” Mike Tamte said. “We want it to be something she can wear to work and to a kid’s ball game,” he added referring to the versatility he wants the company to provide.

Mike Tamte said Evereve wants the customer’s helpful experience to begin when they walk into the store and are greeted by a stylist. He said the staff is trained to determine what the customer wants but to make sure it is the right choice for them.

“They should find out if they want to be styled more New York or L.A.,” Mike Tamte said. “When they get in the dressing room if it doesn’t look right they should say ‘let me find you something else to try.’”

The company’s closest stores to Lake Forest are in Glenview, Evanston and Deer Park, according to Mike Tamte.

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