After the whirlwind circuit of the collections in New York, London, and Milan, with the attendant show-going, party-hopping, and jet-setting, by the time Parisrolls around, a certain amount of fashion fatigue is bound to set in. But when we spoke to three of the world’s most prominent street style stars—Hey Woman!cofounder and creative director Veronika Heilbrunner; photographer and All the Pretty Birds founder Tamu McPherson; and Nordstrom’s VP of creative projects, Olivia Kim—we quickly discovered that, in fact, there’s plenty of fresh wardrobe inspiration out there. In fact, as they tell us, they’ll be kicking things into overdrive to match the savoir faire of the fashion capital.

Using tricks they’ve perfected over the seasons—from plotting out looks ahead of time to perfecting the go-to airport ensemble to applying for Global Entry—Heilbrunner, McPherson, and Kim have mastered the sartorial game. Here, they share their Paris Fashion Week packing lists and the new and favorite pieces they’ll be wearing to the Fall shows.

She Can’t Leave Home Without . . .

At least one pair of my Levi’s 501 vintage jeans. They are the perfect backup item, and I simply love living in them!

The Luggage She Rolls With

I always travel with my black Prada nylon backpack. It holds my laptop, hard drive, and all my reading material. My purse at the moment is the Gucci Dionysus bag. It’s filled with Susanne Kaufmann hydrating mist, Kiehl’s lavender hand balm, my Glossier lip balm, wallet, keys, iPhone and extra charger case, business cards, headphones, and chewing gum.

Fashion Week Packing Strategy 101

Every look is planned in advance and has its own pile next to the suitcase. Once all is complete, I unfold my clothes and layer them thinly in one side of my suitcase on top of each other. Once this is done, the look reminds me a bit of a stack of pancakes. I jam my socks and underwear in the unused side pockets to make sure every little centimeter is used and also that the clothes are safe from wrinkling too much. I use my unworn gym clothes to stuff my bags instead of using silk paper, and I wrap all bags and every single shoe in dust bags to protect them. Then I layer them on the opposite side of the suitcase and play Tetris to make sure all is fixed and safe and doesn’t get squeezed in a bad way.

Delicate jewelry is going into hard case clutches, and sunglasses should always be in a hard case. Most important is to put every toiletry bag, no matter how beautiful or high quality it may look, into a plastic bag to make sure nothing spills on my clothes. I sound like a maniac, but I love my clothes and just want to protect them!

A Simple Airport Uniform Is Perfect for Working

I always keep my airport look simple in black or blue jeans, a turtleneck, and a big comfy coat. It’s all very monochrome, so my colorful sneakers, wool hat, extra-big wool scarf or poncho, backpack, and small bag don’t make me look like a crazy person. Honestly, I just want to be comfortable and warm while traveling. The airport is my office, and the better I feel, the more work I can manage.

Global Entry or Pre–Check-In?

I am always pre-checked in. I try to avoid queuing so I’m always ready to jump on the plane ASAP!

Paris Brings Out a Different Vibe

The big difference with Paris is always the weather. It’s a bit warmer than in the other cities, so it’s less about jackets and coats and more about amazing floor-length dresses and skirts. They’re easier to wear when it’s dry and sunny!

Saving the Best for Last

I definitely have got some debut pieces in my suitcase for Paris! I am super-excited to bring out my Chloé floral dress with the tracksuit top and my Valentino cowboy boots. Also, I’ve got an Acne blazer that I might be wearing as a dress!

HeatTech in Lieu of Statement Coats

I try to travel as light as possible—a maximum of two suitcases. I don’t bring any extra choices, because otherwise we couldn’t fit into our hotel room with the luggage of two Fashion Week travelers inside. So I bring two coats max and one leather jacket. To manage to look different, I often leave the house without a coat and instead wear many layers of HeatTech and turtlenecks underneath. It makes more sense, because I am basically always running and rarely cold.

The Shoes

This season it’s my suede Converse All Stars in mustard and bordeaux, my Eytys Kibo boot in black, all my white sneakers, and my Aquazzura Alexa patent pump in black.

Paris Shopping Plans

I’m definitely going to be circling all the Miu Miu stores for the nude satin ballerinas!

She Can’t Leave Home Without . . .

A turtleneck, which is my current favorite wardrobe staple because it’s perfect for layering under slip dresses, button-down shirts, and almost anything else. I found really great ones at Cos, and Uniqlo HeatTech turtlenecks are paper thin and seamless when worn under another top.

The Luggage She Rolls With

Right now I travel with navy Delsey suitcases. I used to travel with only black ones, but found my current navy ones to be so chic when I spotted them in the luggage store in Milan.

Fashion Week Packing Strategy 101

My dear friend Naida taught me to lay my clothes out flat in my suitcase. It saves space and reduces wrinkling. I also use dry-cleaning plastic packaging to protect my clothes from spills. It’s so disappointing when you arrive at your destination and find that a piece you were dying to wear is ruined. I pack three pairs of jeans: my vintage Levi’s mom jeans, Acne cropped boyfriend jeans, and Alexander Wangcropped flares; two Tibi dresses: one for day and one for an evening event; three blouses; two skirts; three hats; and six pairs of shoes. I always pack for the exact amount of days I will be in a city. I used to overpack; I once packed 13 pairs of shoes for a seven-day trip. I wore 50 percent of what I brought and ended up feeling overwhelmed by the clutter that my overflowing suitcase created. Hotel-room closets are usually small, and I only learned recently to request additional hangers: Fifteen is usually just right if you count your coats.

Her Airport Uniform Is All About Comfort

Comfy jeans, a button-down or V-neck sweater, a cashmere blanket scarf, and whatever flat shoe I’m obsessed with at the moment.

What’s In Her Carry-On

I travel with a Finery tote and Lowepro backpack for my camera and other equipment. I always pack Lucas’s Papaw Ointment, Human + Kind Hand + Elbow + Foot Cream, Master & Dynamic headphones, two books—one intellectual book and one contemporary romance. I read the intellectual one at the beginning of the flight and move on to the romance when I am over being on the plane. When I’m over the romance, I move on to a film so that I can get my travel cry on. I always shed a tear on flights. Someone once told me it’s because psychologically humans feel alone when they are up in the air and are therefore rendered more sensitive and emotional.

Global Entry or Pre–Check-In?

Those aren’t so popular here in Italy.

How Paris Compares to Other Fashion Weeks

I’m a really practical packer. When packing for fashion month in February and March, I, of course, consider the local weather. I pack my warmest clothes and power-layering pieces for New York. Milan’s weather is usually more mild and pleasant—even though this time it rained all week. So I tend to wear my lighter winter pieces and even go as far as opting for a cashmere jumper as outerwear. Paris’s weather is trickier. One season it got so warm that I wore a T-shirt under a light topcoat, skirt, and no tights. It was a great week for Net-a-Porter and, as editors scrambled to order spring pieces that were more suitable for what felt like late-spring temperatures. So I take a range of things to be prepared for what may come my way. I always pack something super-special for the after-parties in Paris: Valentino’s is the most fun, as everyone truly lets their hair down and dances the night away—looking super-chic the whole time.

Saving the Best Pieces for Last

I can’t wait to wear my new Céline woven babouches in Paris. I’ve been waiting three months for them—my weekly trips to the store here in Milan to see if they had arrived were becoming a bit embarrassing. Especially the times when I stopped by in my gym clothes. Talk about fashion obsessed!

Paris Fashion Week Demands a Colorful Statement Coat

I love outerwear, and the more colorful the coat the better. The great thing about statement outerwear is that the coat or the jacket makes the outfit, and all you need is a great basic underneath and your outfit is done. Statement coats are great for Paris because it’s the end of fashion month and many of us are exhausted by the fast-paced schedule, so sometimes throwing on a fabulous coat over a pair of well-worn jeans is a lifesaver—not to mention it adds a few minutes of extra sleep! I’ll be packing a lobster-red bathrobe coat, a check print coat, and my faux-fur jacket.

Tracking Down the It Shoe City by City

I’m a sucker for the It shoe. And I’ll admit that I’ll see a killer pair on Leandra Medine, Ece Sukan, or Ramya Giangola and make it my goal to get the shoe in question by the time I leave for the next city. I know, I know, that’s intense, but there are worse addictions in life. For Paris, in addition to the aforementionedCéline woven babouches, I’ll be packing my Chanel spectator boots, Gucciloafers, and Miu Miu ballerinas.

Paris Shopping Plans

In January during couture, I picked up a pair of Céline wide-leg trousers and a pair of earrings. I’m starting a spending diet today, so I won’t be doing any shopping in Paris. None of my friends believe me!

She Can’t Leave Home Without . . .

My Patagonia base layer. I’m always cold, and they make the best ones to layer under everything! And my Nike running sneakers. If I can’t exercise while I’m traveling, I’m a low-energy grump!

The Baggage She Rolls With

Rimowa! Best wheels in the game! When you’re rolling a 65-pound suitcase, it’s all about the wheels. Trust me. I have a “survival kit” of sorts that always stays inside my carry-on tote, which includes hand sanitizer and wipes, Aquaphor, Oscillococcinum homeopathic pills, eye mask, battery pack, two phone chargers, and travel-size chopsticks! I also never travel without my Bose noise-canceling headphones, cashmere travel blanket, a protein bar, and an extra pair of cozy socks.

Fashion Week Packing 101 Strategy

Don’t pack in a rush. It’s a recipe for disaster. I need to give myself time, otherwise I wind up with all skirts and no tops, or nothing but underwear and sweaters. I pack all my clothes flat. I know some people use the “tootsie roll” method, but I find less wrinkles when everything is as flat as possible. I also put all the heaviest things on the bottom, including my shoes and beauty products. For any delicate jewelry or small things, I stuff them inside my shoes to protect them from being squished. And I use my socks as space stuffers in between the gaps.

Airport Style Is All About Comfort

I am beyond mystified by travelers who wear heels or head-to-toe looks on planes. I don’t know how they do it. I’m on a forever mission to find the warmest, coziest, easiest travel clothes that are as comfortable as sweatpants or pajamas butway better-looking. Any suggestions? In the meantime, I often will wear a wrinkle-free Comme des Garçons elastic-waist skirt with an oversize chunky cashmereCéline sweater. That has been my go-to lately.

Global Entry or Pre–Check-In?

Yes, of course!

How Paris Compares to Other Fashion Weeks

By the time I get to Paris, I’m pooped! That being said, maybe because it’s the second-to-last stop on my seasonal tour (I still have Tokyo!), it’s like seeing the finish line and keeping your eye on the prize. I try to plan some fun fashion-y stuff for dinners with friends, plus I pack the easy pieces that I know are great for getting in and out of cars and running in and out of shows and showroom appointments.

Saving the Best Pieces for Paris

The weather in Paris during March is always tricky. My internal clock wants it to be full-blown spring, but sometimes “Madame Nature” has other ideas. So I pack hoping for the best. I’m super-excited about my Simone Rocha black tulle kimono wrap dress, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate, I’ll just throw my oversize-to-the-oversize max Vetements hoodie on top of everything!

Statement Coat Travel Hack

Coats take up so much space in your suitcase. I travel in the biggest one, always! I usually like to have a variety of styles to go with a variety of outfits: a wild colored shearling, a classic nylon oversize bomber, and a simple, chic coat for making your bummy-jeans-and-Vans-day outfit a little jazzy.

Comfortable It Shoes Are a Must

It’s all about comfortable shoes for me. I love my super-chunky oxfords fromPrada, my desert boots from Brother Vellies, an outrageous fun platform (you can’t always be practical and no party). And my old-school Vans are a must.

Paris Shopping Plans

I’ve bought some incredible vintage lighting and jewelry from the Porte de Clignancourt flea market on the weekends, including a 1960s giant lamp in the shape of a balloon! The hotel I’m sure had a blast scrambling to help me find a box to fit it in. I love shopping in Paris—the boutiques are so beautiful and the selection is always quite different. And when you visit every season, you make friends with the salespeople, so it’s nice to always see a familiar face, especially Peggy at Céline on Rue de Grenelle. She sets my sizes aside for me, knowing I’ll always pay her a visit.See more at:black bridesmaid dresses | formal dresses

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