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Derek Lam Is Invested in Sustainable Fashion

dodano: 24 maja, 08:10 przez redblog

Last weekend, fashion designer Derek Lam spoke with Vogue Runway director Nicole Phelps at Savannah College of Art and Design's FASHWKND event, where he was honored with the Étoile award. He spoke about a number of topics like the strangeness of dressing celebrities for red carpet events and the future of fashion. He told the audience that American brands should try to think beyond...


Look at the Chinese bridal gown here

dodano: 8 maja, 11:28 przez redblog

With the popularity of Chinese retro style, Chinese wedding is becoming more and more popular. At the end of the year, isn't the red dress more suitable than the wedding dress? Traditional dragon and phoenix jacket embroidery, no matter cut or match color everywhere can be seen exquisitely delicate and exquisite detail, just to make the most beautiful you. In addition to the classic...